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Painting the walls all-white

Painting the walls all-white

Painting the walls all-white gives a classic, clean look to any room.  However, it needs to be done right to avoid to avoid the room feeling sterile and cold.

How to choose the right white

There is an a huge amount of choice when it comes to white paint, both in shades and finishes.  There are Painting the walls all-whitealmost no pure whites; most have undertones, albeit very subtle ones.  These can make all the difference to the finished look and how you feel about it.

A good starting point is to look at the colours you already have in the room, such as furnishings like sofa and curtains.  Find a colour swatch online and match the lightest shade with those undertones with a white to complement it.

The natural light that the room gets will also make a difference to how the white looks when it is on the walls.  Pure all-white walls will be too bright in a room that has a lot of natural light, so it is best to choose one with undertones.

If other rooms are visible, you want to match the warmth to them as well, either a cool or warm shade of white so they do not clash.

The first step is get some samples of white paints that you like and try them on the walls.  Observe how they change through the day with the natural light and with artificial light in the evening.  Once you have narrowed down your selection, try painting larger areas of the walls to really make sure you have the right one.

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When it comes to paint finishes, it all depends on the room that you are painting.  For the kitchen, gloss and satinPainting the walls all-white sheens are ideal as they are durable and easy to clean.

Bathrooms usually need a semi-gloss finish as it will repel water and can be wiped.  Flat, satin and eggshell paints are best for the lounge and dining room, as they have a pristine appearance and are relatively simple to maintain.

For bedrooms, any paint including flat is suitable unless you have small children, in which case a more durable option like satin or eggshell is better.

Flat paint is best for the ceiling as a gloss sheen will highlight any cracks or irregularities as it is reflective.

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Can I bring in some colour?

Painting the walls all-whiteSome people love an entirely white, serene room but for others it is simply too cold and sterile.  A wood, or imitation wood, floor looks stunning with all-white walls as it gives depth and warmth to the room.

For a sleek, modern appearance wooden furniture and neutral furnishings are perfect.  If you want to bring in colour, use houseplants and bright, vibrant furnishings.  Make sure the undertones match for a streamlined look.

Texture is also important to make the room feel more welcoming.  Wood is great for this as are accessories like rugs, cushions and blankets.

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Things to remember

Painting the walls all-white may not work in every room, so put some time intoPainting the walls all-white deciding where it could work and which white will be most suitable.

The more natural light you have in a room, the better it will be suited to all-white walls.  Bear in mind that all-white highlights the architecture, so they need to be walls that you like!

Invest in a good primer so any previous colours on the walls are completely covered.

Trims and baseboards in the room look best with a slightly different white, just enough so that it appears intentional.  This avoids having a mismatched look by trying to get the shade exactly the same.

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