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How to do wallpaper panels

How to do wallpaper panels

For 2022, wallpaper will be bigger than ever in interior design.  It’s a great way to instantly transform any room, especially with the bold art deco designs and vibrant tropical patterns that are on trend.   Modern wallpaper panels are a twist on the classic, using these dramatic prints to give the walls plenty of character.

I have wall panels, can I wallpaper inside them?

Yes, use your existing panels and coving to ‘frame’ the wallpaper.  Our eyes are instantly drawn to anything we view How to do wallpaper panelsas framed as we see it as art. You can either hang the wallpaper directly onto the wall or you can make it removable (see below), ideal if you are renting or planning to move in future.

The first thing to do is measure the space that you want to hang the wallpaper in.  Then, remember the old adage ‘measure twice, cut once’!  If you are using a wallpaper with a repeating motif, make sure that it will look properly spaced when on the walls.

If the walls are not even, or you are going over wood paneling, use a heavy duty wallpaper liner horizontally.  Then hang the wallpaper (see our guide to hanging wallpaper) and wait for it to dry thoroughly.  It is harder to wallpaper within small areas, especially if you have decorative panel moulding, so you may want to hand this job over to the experts.

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Can I make my own panels?

A DIY paneling job will take some time and plenty of preparation, but it is doable.  Instagram is a good place to get some inspiration as there is plenty ofHow to do wallpaper panels choice; full or half paneled walls? Flat panels or more decorative ones?

You can buy panels from most hardware shops, usually they are made of mdf wood.   Make sure they are cut to the correct size for your walls.

To paint them, lightly sand with fine-grade sandpaper to improve adhesion.  If you will be able to see the edges they will need to be smoothed, so fill them in with wood filler then rub them down.  Next, apply two or three coats of primer. Once it has dried fully, sand again and then you can paint the panels.  This does take time but will give you a good finish.

Sand the walls before you apply the panels and use a very strong glue like no more nails.  You’ll need a spirit level to make sure they are going on the walls straight.  Apply the vertical panels first, then the horizontal ones.

A handy trick is to leave the top panel off and put it on after the wallpaper to get a perfect finish, but it depends on how permanent you want the wallpaper to be.

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No panels, no problem

If wall panels are not to your taste, there is another way to get this wallpaper effect.  You can frame it just as How to do wallpaper panelsyou would a painting and hang it on the wall.  This looks great repeated in three frames along a wall, especially for a long entrance hallway or large living or dining room.

The other option is to stick a length of wallpaper to a piece of plywood, using wallpaper paste.  Then use crown moulding to frame it.  This can also be purchased in most hardware stores.  If they are not able to cut it to size for you, you will need to use a miter saw to do this.  Make sure it is painted and throughly dried before framing the wallpaper.  Attach it to the wall, either with nails or using poster hanging strips.  This way you have fully removable wallpaper panels.

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