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Back to School! How to create a homework space

Back to School! How to create a homework space

It’s back to school time finally, so why not create a homework space for the kids?  If you can spare a little bit of room somewhere around the house, having a specific area for homework can make the world of difference.

How much space will I need?

If you have enough room in your house to have a dedicated room for homework and playtime, you can easily make How to create a homework spaceareas specific to both.  If not, find a space that is used the least – it doesn’t need to be that big, just a corner somewhere which can be set aside for homework time.  This can of course be in their bedroom if there is enough room.

A desk or table is essential to give them the space to work or draw, with a comfortable chair and good lighting.  Natural light is always best, so make the most of it where you can by keeping window areas entirely unobstructed.

Drop-down desks are great if you are limited for space, giving you an area at homework time that can be used for other things during the day and evening.  The main point is to give the children somewhere quiet so that they can concentrate, while you can get on with what you need to do.

You can use furniture, colours or even plants to section off a dedicated space.

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How can I make the most of the space?

When you dedicate space for homework, you want to make the most of it and keep it as tidy as possible.  There are so many innovative storage solutions available to help with this now.How to create a homework space

Shelving is always a great idea as it utilises the walls, whether you want to store and/or display anything from books to stationary.  Pinboards, white boards and pegboards are perfect for using space wisely and in a fun way.  The more colourful, the better for younger kids.  Modular shelving is also ideal for the computer and storing everything from books to science projects.

Hampers, storage baskets and boxes all come in a wide variety of colours so they can be as understated or colourful as you like.   You can find them in any size to suit your space, like under bed wicker baskets and plastic bins for under a table.  Stacked crates work really well to store bags, books and stationary and display them in a eye catching way.  These are all handy if you are doubling up the purpose of the room, ie bedroom and study area.

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What’s the best way to decorate?

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money on decorating a homework space, How to create a homework spacea fresh coat of paint alone will work wonders.  Fun colours are great for little ones, using either paint or wallpaper.  You can use removable wallpaper if you would like it to be more temporary.

Even if you just paint one wall (or a section of wall) with some leftover paint, it will give them a space that is marked as theirs.  Especially as they grow older and homework becomes more important, it is great to have an area that signals it is time for homework and that they can leave behind when they are done.

For a room dedicated to homework, you can make sure the environment is as conducive to studying as possible by decorating.  Cool tones like light blues and greens are ideal for creating a calm and peaceful space, while neutrals are good to make a space seem lighter and bigger.  Warmer shades are said to increase productivity and will also give the area a warmer feel.  To bring in pops of colour (especially for younger kids), you can use an accent wall, decals, wall hangings and plants.

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