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Wallpaper trends for 2022

Wallpaper trends for 2022

With a new year fast approaching, interior designers and manufacturers are revealing their wallpaper trends for 2022.  Bold patterns, scenery and nature inspired colours and designs will be huge, as wallpaper becomes even more popular.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Nature is the major influence in interior design right now, from furniture made with sustainable materials to bringing a Wallpaper trends for 2022sense of the outdoors inside.  This is reflected by the huge variety of jungle, tropical and leafy scenes in the world of wallpaper.

Tropical prints have been big for a while now, with all kinds of tropical foliage designs from palm to banana leaves, in bold colours inspired by nature like greens, yellows and blues.  Birds and animals will also featured heavily in tropical designs, such as dramatic tiger motifs.  These vibrant wallpapers bring a new lease of life to a room, especially smaller ones like cloakrooms and toilets.

Forest scenes in calm neutrals are great for creating a sense of calm, especially in the bedroom.  If you are wallpapering an accent wall, the on-trend colours for 2022 are perfect to complement it, like the Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog.

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Add a touch of glamour

The 1920s trend is back once again, in a big way.  Think bold geometric and palmette prints with metallic effects inWallpaper trends for 2022 blacks, golds and reds.  These classic designs have been given a modern twist and are perfect for a contemporary feel in any room, from the lounge to the bedroom.

You can also go for a subtle geometric design if you don’t want the walls to be the focal feature. There are plenty of options within the Art Deco trend, all with clean lines and that glamorous Great Gatsby feel.  A neutral colour with a gold pattern gives a stylish and sophisticated look to interiors.

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A more speckley look

Terrazzo is set to be one of the hottest trends for 2022, from tiles to wallpaper.  Wallpaper trends for 2022This minimalist pattern with a vintage feel imitates natural materials like stone, wood and brick.  It is inspired by the traditional terrazzo flooring, which is made of marble, granite or quartz chips on a cement base, made smooth to create an even surface.  In wallpaper, terrazzo can be speckles of any size or colour, or dalmatian dots.

Concrete imitation is also going to be heavily featured in interior design next year, with realistic wallpaper designed create an industrial feel.  Trompe l’oeil will also be on trend; it means ‘trick of the eye’ as it creates the optical illusion of depth so appears to be 3d.

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Giving texture to the walls

As the popularity of natural and peaceful interiors continue, there is a rising trend for textured wallpaper.  This isWallpaper trends for 2022 great if you are using neutral colours as it adds interest to the room.  It is embossed, with a raised design, which has the added benefit of hiding uneven wall surfaces.

Some fabric and wallpaper specialists are combining both mediums to create wallpaper that is similar to soft furnishings, adding a wonderful depth to the room.

Thanks to technology, almost any design can be printed on textured wallpaper, such as a realistic grass cloth or wood effect.

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Using ceilings and inserts

We will see even more wallpapered ceilings in 2022.  This uses the Wallpaper trends for 2022ceiling as the ‘fifth wall’ which is ideal for creating a focal point.  It makes the room appear larger, as the eye is drawn upwards.  Just make sure that your ceiling is suitable for wallpaper. Older houses that are prone to ceiling cracks are not ideal, as new cracks will make the wallpaper buckle.

Wallpapering within panels, also known as inserts, will be on trend as panelled walls make a comeback.  This makes the wallpaper look like art, as our eyes are used to seeing art framed like this.  It’s a perfect way to use the bold, vibrant designs which we will see so much of next year.  This is a modern twist to the feature wall.

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