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Colourful bedrooms for the kids

Unique bedrooms for the kids

It doesn’t take long, or have to cost much, to make unique bedrooms for the kids.  Here’s some tips on how to give them a room that suits their personality and is truly individual.

Pick the right paint

Coloured paint is an easy and cost effective way to make bedrooms fun and stamp some personality on the walls.  A satin finish paint is the best for playrooms and bedrooms, as it is so durable.  It is also easy to clean as you can wipe down the walls, which makes life much easier with all the inevitable spills and wear and tear.

All four walls in bright colours can be overwhelming and over stimulating, so painting half walls, or an accent wall, is a good option if you want a vibrant colour.  Usually though, it is best to choose neutral, earthy tones as the main background for a calm, welcoming environment. Then you can add in some more vibrant accent colours with bedding, accessories, wall hangings and furniture.

Painting the ceiling is also a great way to inject some fun into a room, or use ceiling stickers like stars and planets.

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Create a rainbow

Painting a rainbow on one wall, or across a corner, is a lovely way to bring some colour and fun into a room.  Neutral colours like blush and dusty pinks are best as they are fun but muted enough for the bedroom.  If you have a dedicated playroom though, you may want to choose stronger, brighter colours. Buy samples of each colour you like to try, as the paint can look really different once it is on the wall.  There should be enough in most samples to complete the rainbow without buying whole tins of paint.

Painter’s tape is a quick and easy way to map out where you want to paint the rainbow on the wall/s, and much easier than trying to freestyle.  Firstly, decide where you want the outer stripe to be and how thick, then stick the tape on the wall accordingly.  If it is difficult to get the tape to bend into a half circle shape, try cutting the outer edge every few cm’s where you want it to bend.  Then paint your first colour on the wall in between the lines of painter’s tape.  Once that has dried, do the next stripe inside, and so on until you have a finished rainbow.

You can of course paint whatever pattern or motif you like on the walls, but a rainbow is one of the easiest if you’re not a natural painter!  The other option is to simply buy a removable wall sticker.

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Use wallpaper

There is some gorgeous patterned wallpaper available for kids, from unicorns to stars, footballs to dinosaurs and plenty more to choose from.  Wallpapering the bottom half of the walls avoids the room looking too busy, and saves a bit of money as well.  Alternatively, you can paint the walls in a neutral colour and use a wallpaper border that is patterned with something your kids like.

Since kids inevitably grow out of phases and their tastes change, removable self-adhesive wallpaper and wall decals are a great idea as they can be as temporary as you need.  There are plenty available online for a reasonable price and they are easy to apply to the walls and remove in future.

If you have any leftover wallpaper that would suit your children’s bedroom, there are plenty of ways you can use it.  It doesn’t have to just be on the walls, you can wallpaper the ceiling, parts of the walls or even glue it to furniture like a chest of drawers.

A few simple changes can make a room look and feel entirely different, giving your kids their very own unique bedroom.

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