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Tips for decorating kids' rooms

Tips for decorating kids’ rooms

When it comes to decorating kids’ rooms, you want a great space for them to relax, play and sleep in.  It also needs to be practical, budget friendly and to last them as they grow up.  Seems like a tall order, but we have tips to help!

Where to start?!

Decorating kids' roomsIt’s essential to make the most of the space you have available.  Smart storage solutions are a must, so you can leave plenty of open floor space for playtime.  This can then be converted to relaxation and/or homework space when they’re older.

Start by measuring the room, then planning it on paper so you can see how much open space you can create, for a functional and inspiring room.  For young children, imagine you are their height and think about what is around them at their eye level.

Choose good quality furniture that will last for years to come, like the bed, bedside table and chest of drawers.  It needs to be practical as well, so think about rounded edges for smaller children.   A good foundation will give you options as they grow up, so you don’t have to replace any pieces.

When it comes to colours, a neutral base is always a good idea so that you can bring in brighter colours as their tastes change. Have a look at a colour wheel online to help with this, you can bring in a range of brighter shades that make the room pop.

If you are choosing carpet for the floor, make sure you pick a stain resistant, easy to clean one.  Lighter shades make a room seem bigger, but won’t hide dirt as well. Don’t be tempted to go too dark though as it can give the room a drab, enclosed feeling.

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It’s all about smart storage

There’s loads of options available to maximise your space and keep everything tidy; wall hooks, book rails, storageDecorating kids' rooms crates and furniture that has built in storage.  A decent quality, large storage piece is a good investment, like a chest of drawers, dresser or ottoman.  If you have the room, a bench with built in storage is a great option for somewhere to relax with extra space to keep shoes, bags, toys and books.

You can get creative here, not everything needs to be brand new – repurpose old crates and give them a new leash of life with some sanding and paint.  If you want to make the absolute most of every inch, you can get some great tips from Pinterest and a simple google search; like using spice shelves on the inside of wardrobe doors or an old table converted to a play table.

Hampers, storage baskets and boxes all come in a wide variety of colours so they can be as understated or colourful as you like.   You can find them in any size to suit your space, like under bed wicker baskets and plastic bins for under a table.  Stacked crates work really well to both store toys and stationary and display them in a fun way.

Hooks on the walls are great for hanging costumes and hats, which frees up storage space, and adds colour and personality to the room.  Floating shelves are a good way to keep books and toys and utilise any free space on the walls.  Modular shelving works well, especially when the children are older and have more schoolwork and books to store, plus you can easily add in a pc, sound system or whatever technology is the latest thing.

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Decorating the walls

If you don’t want to end up decorating again once your son or daughter has changed their favourite colour, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it for right now.  There are advantages to both wallpaper and paint for kids’ bedrooms.

If you are choosing paint, pick a light, netural colour to make the room appear larger, and use plenty of bright accessories to bring in colour and give a bright, vibrant feel.  Make sure you choose the right type of paint; satin is a good choice for playrooms and kids’ bedrooms.  It is more durable, so easier to clean and stain resistant, for the inevitable spills and wear and tear of playtime.

Wallpaper is a good option as it is hard-wearing, go for a scrubbable type as they are very easy to maintain and clean.  Another advantage is that it can be easier to replace in the future.  Removable wallpaper that is designed specially for children is widely available now, so you can easily make a theme in the room that doesn’t have to last forever.

Removable decals and stickers are ideal for fun decorations and themes, that can be changed whenever you want.  You can even get chalkboard wallpaper so they can really run wild without the damage!

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Choose some great accessories

The likelihood is that there’ll be so many toys, books and knick-knacks that you won’t need (or be able to fit) much more in the room, but a few well chosen accessories can make the world of difference.  Hang some artwork on the walls, and use decals and stickers to stamp their personality on the room.

Rugs work really well in kids’ bedrooms as they protect your flooring from a lot of the wear and tear.  They also give extra softness and warmth to the room and will cushion any falls.  Natural fibre rugs are both durable and easy to clean.  There are so many designs available for kids from bright colours to car play mats, animal patterns and educational rugs.  Add in some cushions for that homely and relaxed feel.  A few soft cushions or a beanbag really makes the floor a great play space.

Pegboards, white boards and chalk boards are all handy for giving the kids some creative space that won’t impact on the walls.  Just a few simple items can make the room a fun area, while also being functional.

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