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The benefits of office partition walls

The benefits of office partition walls

The layout of an office is important as it can drastically improve, or reduce, productivity and staff morale.  Colours, furnishings and light all play an important role, as do partition walls.

Why use partition walls?

Partition walls can transform any office into the spaces that you need, quickly and cost effectively. Partition walls give a hybrid space between the traditional office layout and an open plan area.The benefits of office partition walls

Privacy is one of the main advantages of partition walls, whether for individual workspaces or meeting areas.  These type of walls enable a mix of privacy and collaboration, with either floor to ceiling or smaller dividers.  It is the perfect solution for rented offices, as no structural changes need to be made.

They also cut down on outside distractions by reducing noise and bustle.  If they are creating cubicles, then these spaces provide areas that can be personalised by employees.

This is a great way to reduce sound and interruptions in the office, whilst also providing privacy, which is particularly important if you have clients visiting regularly.

They are far more cost effective than installing permanent walls.  These lightweight alternatives make the office look more furnished and well laid out.  Also, they can be easily moved in future should you wish to alter the office layout.  Partition walls are easy to clean and much cheaper to fix over the years.

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Will they look good?

Yes!  Forget the old, depressing image of dull cubicles, this doesn’t need to be the case any more.  They can be a great addition to the office, adding to the sense of flow throughout the space and improving the aesthetics. Modern partition walls can enhance the environment for staff as well as looking impressive forThe benefits of office partition walls visitors.

Colours can be selected to match your company brand ones, or to create the type of environment you would like.  Neutrals are always a good way to make the office space appear larger and lighter.  They are easy to refresh and fit in with the existing office decor such as flooring and furniture.  If you already have netural or white painted walls, a calming colour is a good choice, such as a deep blue, in a warm shade.

Partitions are ideal for making the office atmosphere positive and inviting, with a lively or calming feel depending on the colour scheme.  They can be used to enhance the natural light, which is always beneficial for productivity, or to block unwanted sunlight.

There is a range of materials available from wood to plasterboard or glass, in different sizes and finishes, so it is easy to find partitions that complement your existing decor.  With some materials, such as glass, you can also have your company logo or slogan included on the partition walls.

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Are they easy to install?

The benefits of office partition wallsThey are much quicker and easier to install than constructing traditional walls, which is a huge and expensive undertaking.  Partition walls can be put in place with the minimum of disruption to the office.

This inexpensive and simple alternative to a major structural change is also popular in offices as it can be easily changed in future.

The exact time it will take to install of course depends on the partition walls that you choose; if they are floor to ceiling or smaller and how many you would like in the office.  The best thing to do is to speak to the experts who can talk you through the process and help you find the best solution for your space.

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