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Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper

A key interior design trend for this year is patterned wallpaper, from animal prints to florals and everything in between.  With such a diverse range of patterns available, there is something to suit every room.

How do I choose patterned wallpaper?

Firstly, decide where the wallpaper will be hung as the size of the wall and the existing decor will of course make a difference.  If you are patterned wallpaperredecorating or starting from scratch, you can design the room around a bold print but otherwise you do need to make sure it won’t look out of place.

Muted colours and patterns are much easier to work with but a daring print can be worth the extra effort.

If you have a small space to work with, for example an accent wall or a downstairs toilet, bear in mind the pattern repetition.  Too much repetition can be overbearing in a small area so a bigger print is usually best.  Don’t be afraid to go for it though, as these are great spaces to start experimenting with something new and they can bring an impressive sense of style to any room.

For a more classic style, neutral, muted hues in floral and geometric patterns lend an effortless twist to design.

Once you have found a few different patterns that you like, hang samples on the walls you will be papering.  This will give you a feel of what it is like to live with the wallpaper, and how the colours change throughout the day with natural and artificial lighting.

On trend wallpaper for this year includes floral, tropical, textured, geometric and abstract so there is a lot to choose from.  Mixing is also an option, stripes always work well for this as they complement so many different designs.  Just remember that a pattern that you really love will always beat the trendy design.

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Where is best to hang it?

Wallpaper is very versatile and can be as traditional or modern as you like, so can bePatterned wallpaper used in any room of the house.  It isn’t even just for the walls, think of the ceiling as a ‘fifth wall’ to really open up your options in the home.  It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to completely transform a room.

Nurseries and children’s bedrooms look great with colourful and fun wallpaper and there is a wide range to choose from.  Removable wallpaper is handy as you can easily change it as they grow up and their tastes change.

The living room and bedrooms are always a popular choice for patterned wallpaper, as they give you so much space to work with.  All four walls, an accent wall, the ceiling, the bottom half of the walls; there are so many different ways to use wallpaper.

If you are going to wallpaper the bathroom, special vinyl types are available that are water resistant or you can choose a foil wallpaper as the surface will naturally repel water.  This is particularly useful in splash areas, such as the area around the sink.  A coat of clear matt varnish over the wallpaper once it has been hung and dried will give you an extra layer of protection.  You can even get wallpaper that is designed to use inside the shower area, so the sky really is the limit!

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How do I hang patterned wallpaper?

Hanging wallpaper with a pattern is a bit trickier and will take more time as it needs to be matched perfectly at the seams.

Patterned wallpaperWhen you buy the rolls, make sure they all have the same batch number and ensure they are all exactly the same shade.  Then you need to cut them into strips, giving around four extra inches on each strip so you have room to match up the pattern.

If the wallpaper has a bold pattern, make sure there is a full motif at the top as you don’t want the pattern cut off.  With a bold pattern, start from the centre of the room or from a dominant feature.  Otherwise, you can start hanging from a corner of the room.

A good tip is to use a spirit level to make sure you are hanging the wallpaper straight.  Use a pencil to mark a line down the wall against the spirit level, then hang the wallpaper parallel to your line.

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It does extra effort to hang patterned wallpaper, and plenty of patience, but you can always call the experts in to make sure you get a stunning finish.

Whatever you want to achieve, the experts are here to help.  Herts Decorators provide high quality and professional decorating services to our clients across Hertfordshire, book a free estimate with our team today!

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