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What paint colours are on-trend for 2021?

What paint colours are on-trend for 2021?

We are all looking to 2021 after a ‘challenging’ year in 2020, and many people are planning to spruce up their homes to welcome in the new year.  With so many working from home and spending a lot more time indoors, now is a great time for a fresh coat of paint.  It can completely transform the home and make your space a better place to be.  So what paint colours are on trend for 2021?

paint colours for 2021What are the on-trend paint colours for 2021?

The on-trend paint colours for 2021 pick up where 2020 left off – hugely influenced by world events and searching for calm, peaceful environments.  They take inspiration from nature and can be as muted or vibrant as you like, it’s all about making your living space a happy, serene and tranquil place.  Think earthy hues, calm whites and also deep blues and mossy greens from bold  and wild landscapes.  Sage green and dusty rose will be very popular, as will a relaxing yellow shade.

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Pantone colour for 2021

If you’ve heard of ‘Pantone colours’ but don’t know exactly what that means, here is a brief explanation.  Pantone is the company that came up with the idea of colour matching back in 1963, so designers could get the exact shade they wanted of any colour.  The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is their colour standardization system, made up of 1,867 solid colours.  Every year (since 2000), they announce their colour of the year based on global culture and influences.

For 2020, the colour was Pantone’s Classic Blue.  For 2021, it’s a mix of warm and cool tones with 2 colours being named – Illuminating and Ultimate Gray.  paint colours for 2021They have been chosen as a combination to portray a message of solidarity, resilience and hope for future with a feeling of energy and clarity.  This is only the second time that Pantone have made two colours joint colour of the year.  It symbolises the current global focus on relationships and the need to work together.

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Sherwin-Williams paint colour for 2021

paint colours for 2021One of the paint colour gurus is Sherwin-Williams, a well known American paint company.  They also announce their own ‘colour of the year’.  This year, it is Urbane Bronze; a colour to reflect nature from metal to wood and stone, and symbolizing calm, warmth and togetherness.  This colour looks stunning in combination with greys and subtle browns.

The paint company has designated 40 paint shades for the year, across 4 colour palettes; Sanctuary, Encounter, Continuum, and Tapestry.  Sanctuary has pale, white based tones to create a feeling of calm, while Encounter consists of the earthy hues that have become so popular.  Continuum has some more lively colours like lilac and Tapestry is the brighter, bolder palette to bring joy and uplift.

This combination of soft neturals and lively colours is great to use when choosing your new paint colour and can be easily matched to any interior design scheme.

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Dulux paint colour of the year for 2021

Dulux are another company that choose a paint colour for each year, this year it is ‘Brave Ground’.  This colour represents growth and potential and is marked as a foundation for creative feeling and change with the home.  It is also inspired by nature like so many of the colours that are predicted to be popular.

A great choice for the lounge, this colour gives a hint of pink when exposed to morning sunlight.

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Is grey going out of style in 2021?

Absolutely not!  As above, grey is one of the Pantone colours of the year for 2021.  It is set to remain popular for the foreseeable, though the on-trend shade for paint colours will be warmer in general for 2021.  Grey is fantastic for combining with accent colours and for more minimalist interior design.

Nordic influences

The New Nordic look which has been on trend during 2020 is set to continue. It is a cosier, earthier follow up to Scandinavian minimalism with gorgeous wood flooring, natural materials, lots of texture and light, airy spaces.  Most of the on-trend paint colours for 2021 reflect this with their calm, earthy tones and muted deep colours.

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How to use the 2021 paint color trends

When choosing a paint colour, bear in mind the existing decor you have, from furniture to carpet.  The on-trend, neutral base colours of white, browns, beige, green and pastel blue are easy to combine and look great with wood and metal.

Once you have an idea of the colour you want, try it!  Colours can often look very different when they are on your wall so use a tester to paint a small section. You can also use accessories in the shade you like to see how they look when they are in your home.

Sage green combined with a muted grey looks fantastic in light, airy spaces.  All 4 walls in grey in the living room has a stunning finish when paired with accent pieces like sofas and bookcases. Try pairing grey walls with yellow accessories if you like the Pantone colours for 2021. The more vibrant colours like yellow and lilac give a great lift to bedrooms and playrooms.

There are some general rules which can come in handy when choosing the right colour.  Smaller spaces can be opened up with lighter shades while a larger room gives you the freedom to go for bold, dark hues and create a cosy space.  Make sure you choose the right type of paint too, as flat, eggshell and satin are best for the living room while semi-gloss is ideal for bathrooms.

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