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Ideas for the ensuite

Ideas for the ensuite

Having a bathroom attached to the main bedroom, or even all bedrooms, is a luxury that is now more popular than ever, so here are some great decorating ideas for the ensuite.

Go bold

The ensuite is your own personal sanctuary, so it’s the perfect place to be adventurous if you want something that really reflects your personality.  Patterned wallpaperIdeas for the ensuite is great for this, and you have the choice to paper an accent wall, the ceiling or the walls surrounding the bath and/or shower.  It’s best to either choose a vinyl type that is water resistant or a foil wallpaper, as the surface will naturally repel water.  This is essential in splash areas, like the area around the sink. A coat of clear matt varnish over the top will give you an extra layer of protection.There is also special wallpaper available that can be used inside the shower area.

Tiles are also very popular in ensuites as they are water resistant and can be used for a variety of stunning looks from modern to traditional styles.  A bold pattern on the floor creates a dramatic and unique impact.  Likewise, in the shower or around a freestanding bath, for an accent wall, the splashback area or part of the walls.

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Clean and streamlined

For an ensuite that is refined and relaxing, neutrals are the perfect choice.  Ideas for the ensuite

A neutral bathroom suite is always elegant and works perfectly in combination with neutral paint or wallpaper to give that clean, luxury hotel look.  Metallic fixtures, like brushed gold taps, are on-trend right now and give a warm, sleek finish to the room.

The ensuite doesn’t need to have a clinical, all white look. Play around with undertones to give a warmer, peaceful feel to the space.  Just make sure that all undertones are matching for that streamlined look.

Wallpaper in neutral, muted hues with a floral or geometric pattern is perfect to give an effortless twist to classic design, and wood panelling will bring in more texture.  A backlit mirror is also ideal for a light, chic ensuite.

Tiles also help to achieve this look, and suit every area of the bathroom from the floor to the walls.  They are easy to clean and most importantly, water-resistant, as many materials like carpet won’t stand up to the wet and moist atmosphere.  Large, stone tiles on the floor always look stunning and add to that luxury feel.

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The illusion of space

As many ensuites are quite small, there are some handy tricks to making the most of the space, like using a U shaped layout to maximise the space available.

Ideas for the ensuiteIf you are using tiles or wallpaper, having them run up to dado rail height will make the room appear larger.  For the rest of the wall, use a semi-gloss sheen paint, as it can withstand the temperature and moisture.

With patterned wallpaper, remember that too much repetition can be overbearing in a small area, so a bigger print is usually best.  Geometric tiles on the floor are a great way to bring in personality in a smaller ensuite.  Light and bold colours work well in small spaces but if you want to go dark, go entirely dark to give the illusion of length.

Diagonal tiles are great to expand the space and consider hanging some plants (such as aloe vera, which work in this environment) as they draw the eye upwards, making the room feel larger.  Mirrors also work really well for this, either a full wall or a few mirrors on one wall.

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