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How to use dark colours in the kitchen

How to use dark colours in the kitchen

We tend to think of them as being lighter coloured rooms with white walls and light wood, but why not try using dark colours in the kitchen?

Should I paint the walls in a dark colour?

Walls painted in a dark colour in the kitchen are dramatic, they make the room a focal point.  This elegant style is becoming more popular as dark colours in the kitchenpeople look to do something different with their homes.

Modern kitchens are particularly suited to a darker colour scheme, as it adds a chic look.  You don’t have to go extreme with this, an all grey kitchen is a great option to go darker and monochrome.  Use different shades for the walls and floor for a streamlined look.

An accent wall is an ideal way to try this and see how you feel when you are actually living with the colour.

The ideal colours to use are dark neutrals like charcoal grey, black and navy blue. Dark green is another option for an elegant and sleek kitchen.  Choose warmer shades to create an intimate and homely space.

Even smaller kitchens can benefit from darker colours, you can bring them in with a painted ceiling or accent pieces.  They are also useful to section off the area in an open plan house.

A durable and easy to clean paint is best for the kitchen walls. Choose either gloss or satin, as glossier finishes will help to protect your walls from grease and water.

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How about the cabinets?

Painting the cabinets is a great, and simple, way to bring in a darker colour scheme.  It is also far more economical than buying new ones.

Mattdark colours in the kitchen black carpentry always looks chic, and dark green gives a sense of sophistication, especially when complemented with off-white walls (or vice versa).

An added bonus is that cabinets in darker shades stand up well to any stains and wear and tear that inevitably happen over time.  They are far more forgiving than light colours, giving you a grown up look that hides scuffs and marks from a busy family.

If you are painting them yourself, sand the cabinet first then apply a primer.  Sand it again once it has dried, then brush off any residue.  It’s best to do a few coats of paint, so that any scratches in the top coat will be disguised by the lower ones.

Always paint the cabinets from the bottom upwards, in the direction of the grain. Make sure each coat is thoroughly dried before adding the next.  A semi-gloss finish is one of the best types of paint for cabinets as it is easy to clean and helps reflect light.

To create balance in the room, use a colour either two or three shades lighter or darker than your floor.

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Will it be overwhelming?

It’s easy to bring in darker colours without overwhelming the room, especially if dark colours in the kitchenyou have a smaller kitchen.  You don’t have to go extreme with the shades, instead find a grey that suits your home.  Grey is increasingly popular, and one of the Pantone colours of the year, so there is a wide range of shades to choose from.

Use the rest of the room to balance out the dark colours and highlight them.  A white backsplash will give a great contrast against darker kitchen cabinets, especially with light grey walls to complement them.  Window frames and carpentry can be painted to streamline the look.

Marble worktops look stunning with dark cabinets and provide a striking contrast.  Wooden floors will bring in texture as well as a feeling of warmth.  This design scheme is also perfect for that rustic feel in a country style kitchen, with dark cabinets and light floors and walls.

Use plenty of warm colours and mood lighting to keep the room from appearing too cold.  On trend, brushed gold handles and taps are perfect for completing that sophisticated look.  Pops of colour like pictures on the walls, bright kitchen stools and plants will give the room a more vibrant and fun feel.

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