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How to make your home office look good

How to make your home office look good

Over the past year, we have all spent a lot more time in our homes than we ever thought we would…living and trying to work in a home office, for perhaps the first time.  It may be that your future working arrangements do not include going back to an office, or you will have a more flexible arrangement which includes working from home.  It’s important that you have a decent working space for your home office, that looks and feels good.

How do I find home office space?Make your home office look good

If you have a dedicated room, it’s easy to adapt the space to suit your needs.  That’s not always an option though and you may need to just take a corner of a room if space is limited.

Find the most unused spot in the house and make it your own.  Furniture is a good way to create boundaries and section off your working space.  Creating some colour differences is also a good way to signal your home office area, use pictures or even plants so the family know exactly what is (hopefully) off limits.

A drop-down desk or a standing desk are a good options for when you have very little space and keep you from spending all your time at the kitchen or lounge table.

Decide what space is practical for to you have and where possible, keep it as just your working area.

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What’s the best layout for my home office?

It is important to have all the equipment you will require within easy reach.  Your computer monitor or laptopMake your home office look good should be positioned (on a sturdy desk) so that the top of the screen is at or slightly below your eye level, at roughly arm’s length from your head.  Make sure there is no glare on the screen.  Your chair is really important as well so if you can, invest in an ergonomic one that supports your back and ensure it is properly adjusted.

If you have a window, position yourself so that you can look out of it, otherwise pick something you like to put up on the wall opposite to you.  Don’t forget your background if you are using Zoom for meetings! Plenty of light is essential for any work space, so use lamps and standing lights around the room to maximum it.  Make sure you have white, not yellow, light as it will not make you feel so tired and will look much better if you are making video calls.

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How do I add storage to my home office?

Organisation is key when working from home, especially if you have very limited space.  Adding stress to your day by having to constantly search for what you need is something you can easily avoid.

The amount of storage you will need obviously depends on the amount of paperwork, books and equipment you have.  There are some very clever storage options available to suit your demand and the space you have available.  A simple set of drawers may be all you need, or some shelves that are easy to access.   Shelves are a great way to maximum your footage and really take advantage of the space.

Always go for slightly more storage than you think you’ll need so have you have extra room for the future.  Adjustable shelving, pinboards, foldaway or drop-down desks, desk drawers and even wall to wall shelving are all available to make the most of your space.

Keep your home office as tidy as you can and use storage baskets to keep the piles of paperwork, magazines and books at bay.  Cord management is also important, so you don’t spend the day looking at a tangle of wires, and can be done fairly simply with a box or under desk basket and some zip ties.

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How to Decorate a Home Office

Make your home office look goodYou want to make sure that your home office space is as calm and productive to working as possible, especially if working from home would not be your first choice.  Colour is always important and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to liven up the space and make it feel fresher.  You can influence your mood through colours; light blue will be calming, yellow shades are energising and green is relaxing.  If you would rather have a neutral colour like an on-trend grey or beige (or you don’t have a big enough area to paint), accessories like pictures and cushions can make a big difference.  An accent wall is also an option to bring some colour into the room without it feeling overwhelming, and don’t forget the ceiling is also an option for painting a different shade.  Just a little bit of colour can make a big difference.

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Bring in at least a touch of your own style in to make your home office feel welcoming. This could be a stylish chair, a printMake your home office look good on the wall, or textures like wood or stone.  Rugs, throws and cushions are a fantastic way to bring in some texture, and will help to absorb sound and the keep the room warmer.

Greenery like plants and flowers are also a great idea as they liven up the area and are said to increase positivity and boost your mood.  There are low maintenance plants like a snake plant, cactus or rex begonia that are perfect for the office.  If you don’t have much room you could always choose a pothos in a hanging basket or on a shelf, it’s a trailing vine which is one of the easiest houseplants to grow.  Or if any kind of maintenance seems too much, there are some pretty realistic fake plants available.

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With everything that’s going on in the world currently and so much uncertainty, it’s worth taking the time to make your home office space as calm and productive to working as you can.

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