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How to experiment with bold colours

How to experiment with bold colours

If you would like to try some bold colours in your home, here are some easy ways to introduce them.  It’s far easier to try coloured paint in smaller areas and see how you feel living with it, than it would be to paint the entire room and risk having to redo it.

Accent walls with a twist

Painting one wall in a different colour is always a great way to liven up a room, and experiment a bit more with bold colours.  Removable wallpaper is a handy way to try a colour without it being permanent.

It doesn’t need to be in the living room or bedroom, you can always try a twist with a hidden accent wall.  Liven up a wall in the pantry with a colour you’ve always wanted to try, or one that is on-trend.  Among the colours for 2022 there are modern versions of classic primary colours like a vibrant yellow, a warm green and a strong crimson.  They are useful for inspiration, but of course the colours that are best are ones you love.

Walls with shelves also function well as accent walls and look great in a deep, bold colour.  You can also paint the shelves themselves in a bold colour to make the wall pop.

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Make the staircase the star

For a more unusual place to try out colour, the staircase offers a few options.  If you have banisters, they can be painted, either in a variety of colours or just one to complement the surroundings.

The stairs themselves are another alternative if you don’t have carpet.  A bold colour will make the staircase a focal point of the room or hallway.  You can paint the entire staircase, just the treads or just the risers.  It’s a good idea to pick a colour that fits well with the room or surroundings, there are plenty of free online colour charts to help.

Make sure if you are painting the stairs that you choose a floor paint, as they are non-slip for safety.  They are also highly durable, as most stairs get a lot of foot traffic.  Only use a satin or semi-gloss paint on the risers, as they will be too slippery on the treads.

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Freshen up the furniture

Wooden furniture is a great way to try new bold colours.  Chairs and tables are relatively easy to paint and give you a good idea of what colours you actually like to live with.  Anything from chairs or dressers can be painted and will brighten up any room instantly.

Another way to try something new without taking any major risks is to paint the inside of drawers, cupboards or cupboard doors.  This is a perfect way to inject some bright and fresh colours in your kitchen or dining room, without changing the overall look.

Bookcases are also a good place to bring in some colours, especially in children’s rooms.  The fireplace is another great choice for a pop of colour if you have neutral walls.

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Start bold

The front door is an ideal place to use a vibrant colour that give a welcoming feel to your home.  A deep jewel shade will look striking on a neutral coloured house, red can be cheery or go for an inviting look with bright yellow.

The best thing to do is get some samples of colours you like and try them on the house exterior.  Notice the changes in colour as the light changes throughout the day. There will be a big difference for houses that are south facing, which get a lot of natural light, to those which are north facing.

Make sure you have the right type of paint for the door, as it needs to stand up to a lot more than interior paint does.  One of the best choices is a semi-gloss exterior paint as it has a visible shine, is easier to clean and scuff resistant.  Matte has a very modern look, but does tend to show up any dents and scratches.

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