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How to decorate wall niches

How to decorate wall niches

Wall niches are a stylish addition to any room, and a great way to add decoration or valuable extra storage.

What is a wall niche?

A wall niche is a recess, or alcove, which is carved into a stud wall.  It’s like a cubby hole, which is fully customisable so can be used as How to decorate wall nichesshelving, extra storage or to display flowers and art.

These versatile spaces can be both functional and ornamental, as well as being stunning focal points.  They have been used since Ancient Rome and have been popular in Spanish style design for decades.

Wall niches can be anywhere around the home, from the hallway to lounge or bedroom.  If you don’t already have any, they can be made but it is essential that you only use stud walls to create these niches.   Consider calling the experts in for this job, as there may be pipes or wires in the wall that need to be located before any work begins.

You can buy premade wall niches, so you can just slot them in once the hole has been in the wall.  They can be arched, intricate or simple box-like shapes.

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How do I decorate a wall niche?

Your wall niche can be decorated with the same wallpaper or paint as the rest of the wall.  If you are displaying objects in the alcove, this is a great way to make itHow to decorate wall niches a feature.  They break up a blank wall, creating a frame for whatever you would like the focal point to be.

You can also use the niche itself as a feature.  Paint it a few shades darker than the walls to highlight it, or use a paint that complements the wallpaper.

Neutral colours are always perfect if you want to make the objects themselves the feature.  Alternatively, use a vibrant paint for a pop of colour, or fill the niche with a carved panel.

A good way to make the most of a wall niche is to install secondary lighting.  A soft light will create a sense of warmth and cosiness in the room as well as highlighting the contents of the niche.

The inside can be tiled or lined with any material of your choice, like wood or panels.  Moulding can be used around the niche as well, to make it an integral part of the room’s design.

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What do I put in a wall niche?

Depending on the size of the wall niche, there is a huge range of things you can How to decorate wall nichesdo with it.  In the kitchen, it would usually be located in the backsplash above the cooker. This is a convenient place to keep oils and other cooking items.  In the hallway or by the stairs, they are perfect to keep things you need easy access to like keys, or to display family photos.  A wall niche is a great addition to a media area as well where extra storage is always needed.

In the bathroom, a niche near the sink or in the shower stall gives you a convenient extra space for all those bottles.  It is also useful for displaying diffusers and scented candles, or as a space for a mirror.

Larger alcoves are usually found in bedrooms and lounges.  If the size allows, they can be used as sitting nooks, and for single beds in kids’ rooms.  Some older houses may have odd shaped niches that can even be used as home working space.

A modern living room with an open fire looks really chic with cut wood displayed in a long vertical wall niche.

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Whatever you want to achieve, the experts are here to help.  Herts Decorators provide high quality and professional decorating services to our clients across Hertfordshire, book a free estimate with our team today!

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