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Welcoming office workers back

How to create a welcoming office environment

With restrictions starting to ease after a long lockdown, the mass return to offices is looking imminent, so how do create a welcoming office environmentyou create a welcoming office environment?  Now is a great time to refresh the space to encourage productivity and reassure those who are nervous about their return.

We all want a cleaner, hygienic workspace these days with enough room to ensure social distancing, but it is also important to have an office in which workers feel comfortable, that enables them to be focused and alert.

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Planning is important

There are many things to be aware of when you are updating your office if you want a complete refurbishment. Make sure it is designed to make the most of the space and give both a welcoming and productive environment in a stylish setting.

Have a think about your company/brand values and how you would like them reflected in the office.  Office design should uphold a consistent style from layout to colours and furniture, all of which can embody company values.  Brand colours can be used in many ways; on the walls, furniture and even accessories like wall coverings and framed mission statements.

Also bear in mind that the entrance to any office is crucial as it sets the first impression, for both staff and visitors.  A light, airy and welcoming entrance is important to get the create the right impression.  It can be helpful to have a think about the commercial spaces, like restaurants and hotels, that you get an inviting feel from.

Government guidelines are of course crucial to be aware of during the pandemic as well and will certainly influence the layout of any office these days.

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create a welcoming office environmentLighting is really important in an office and has been shown to affect mood, productivity and alertness.  A happy, healthy work environment is a well lit one! Nothing beats natural light, so make the most of it by keeping window areas entirely unobstructed.

Avoid the harsh glare of florescent lighting wherever possible as it creates fatigue. Inadequate lighting will also make the office space feel smaller.  Instead use lamps, vertical lit surfaces and indirect light sources.  Glass doors for private offices do not block light as walls do so they also help to keep the office lighter.

In an ideal world, artificial office lighting will change during the day to reflect daylight colour temperature; cooler during the morning and warmer during the afternoon.

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A fresh coat of paint

It doesn’t need to cost the earth or take weeks to give your office a new lease of life; the easiest and cheapest way to refresh it is with a fresh coat of paint.   Call in the experts to ensure a professional finish that reflects your workcreate a welcoming office environment culture.

Neutrals and whites are always a good way to make the office space appear larger and lighter.  They are easy to refresh and fit in with the existing office decor such as flooring and furniture.

A good way to bring in vibrancy and energy is through colour bursts.  Accent walls, accessories such as furniture and wall coverings or prints on the walls are all effective and can be a great way to use your brand colours.  Use warmer shades to increase productivity and make larger spaces feel warmer.

If you have a break-out room or relaxation area, use cool tones (such as lighter blues or greens) to promote a calm and peaceful environment.  Comfortable furniture is also essential to make sure staff want to spend time in the allocated area.

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Finishing touches

create a welcoming office environmentSome relatively small touches can make a big difference when you want to create a welcoming office environment.  Plants are great to bring in colour with natural accents, improve the air quality and give the space a more homely feel.  They are mood boosting, improve the acoustics of the office space and can also be used to effectively separate areas.   There are many varieties of low maintenance plants which are perfect for the office such as the spider plant, cactus, aloe, pothos and snake plant.

Mirrors are also a good idea where suitable as they help to make the space feel bigger and lighter.

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