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How to create a peaceful bedroom

We all want a peaceful bedroom, our own personal sanctuary where we can relax and sleep well at the end of a long day.  Here are some ways you can turn your bedroom into make a tranquil space.

Choose calming wallpaper

One of the most important aspects of a relaxing room is what’s on the walls.  Wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular in bedrooms, as it gives the room a stylish and elegant look.  There is so How to create a peaceful bedroommuch choice available now, and many patterns which are designed to be calming and mindful.  Patterns like softly repeating geometrics are ideal for a peaceful bedroom.

Ombre effects that mimic a sunset can also be soothing on the walls, as well as designs inspired by nature, such as clouds and forests.

If you feel that a pattern may be too much on all the walls, an accent wall can be the ideal solution, or using the ceiling as a ‘fifth wall’ and wallpapering it.  Alternatively, choose a more muted wallpaper that is textured.

If noise is an issue, wallpaper can really make a difference.  There is soundproof wallpaper available, which is made of thick polyethylene foam to help block unwanted sounds.

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Pick soothing paint colours

Neutral colours on the walls are always good for creating calming spaces.  They are the perfect canvas for a relaxed space, especially when you bring in different textures and hues with furnishings and linens.How to create a peaceful bedroom

An elegant warm grey paint is perfect for the bedroom, complemented with a crisp white paint trim on the skirting boards.  It gives the bedroom a fresh and peaceful feel, with more personality than plain white walls.  If you like to have colour on your walls, go for a dusty pink or light blue paint, or on the darker end of the spectrum, a sage green.  The colours of nature tend to be very peaceful so work well in the bedroom.

If your bedroom gets a lot of natural light, then lighter colours are ideal.  Alternatively, a bolder colour is good for a bedroom that does not get much light.

The on-trend colours for 2022 are great for inspiration, like Dulux’s Clear Skies, a fresh light blue which brightens the room.  There is also Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog, a warm green-grey neutral inspired by organic living.

Bedrooms are usually low traffic areas, so you can use any paint finish you wish, including flat paint.

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Rearrange the bedroom

We all know that noise can ruin any sense of peace.  If you are having problems with noise filtering through your How to create a peaceful bedroombedroom walls, there are some things you can do minimise it.  Soundproof wallpaper will help,  as will sealing the gap beneath the door (rubber weatherstripping will do the job) and soundproofing curtains.

You can also rearrange your bedroom to cut down on noise.  For an effective change that won’t cost a thing, move heavy furniture, such as a chest of drawers or bookcase, to an exterior wall or the one facing the hallway.

If it’s time to redecorate the bedroom entirely, consider taking inspiration from Japandi design.  This is a merging of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements, which is becoming increasingly popular.  It has an emphasis on nature and texture, focusing on a simple and comfortable feel in the home.  Getting rid of any clutter is essential and furniture should be both beautiful and functional.

To recreate these design ideas in the bedroom, pick muted neutrals for the walls and linen, with solid wood furniture and plants.  This works best in bedrooms that get a lot of natural light.

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