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Hallway decorating ideas

Hallway decorating ideas

You want the entry to your home to look impressive, so here are some great hallway decorating ideas.  No matter how small the space, clever decorating can make a huge difference.

Use wallpaper to make a statement

Hallway decorating ideasWallpaper is the ideal way to go bold in your hallway.  There are so many finishes, patterns and prints to choose from now.

For a small hallway, a bigger print is usually best as too much repetition can be overwhelming.  Floral, tropical, textured, geometric and abstract are all on trend this year and stripes are always popular.  Do bear in mind, it’s not as easy to hang prints and patterns, so it may be best to call the experts in to get the perfect finish.

The ceiling is another way to create something eye catching, by using it as an accent wall.  This helps make the space appear larger and add character to the hallway.  For a more traditional decor, geometric patterns in a muted hue are a perfect fit, that lends a modern touch.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be striking of course, there are plenty of beautiful textured neutral options if you want a calmer feel.

Vinyl wallpaper is a good choice for a busy family home, as it is washable and durable.  It ranges from spongeable to highly scrubbable, which may be a priority if you have little ones and pets to clean up after!

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Create a fresh look with paint

A new coat of paint always brightens up the hallway, on both the walls and the trim.   It is easy to create a sense of flow through the house here, byHallway decorating ideas using the same colour family as the surrounding rooms.

For a small hallway, painting the ceiling a light colour creates a sense of height as it draws the eye upwards.  It doesn’t need to match the walls, the ceiling can be used as a fifth wall, which then becomes your accent wall.

Neutrals work really well to create a chic look if you have distinctive flooring, like a herringbone wood floor or decorative tiles.  These ‘non-colours’ are really versatile and make it easy to create a feature of the floor, or staircase.  They don’t need to be dull though, as there is a wide range, especially with the new neutrals.  These have more character, such as lilac, tea rose and mint.  Just ensure any undertones of the paint will work with the flooring, carpet or surrounding rooms.

You can create a stunning display by creating a gallery wall with a background of neutral paint.  Off whites and greys are especially good with photographs and perfect for black & white ones.  This is a great way to display artwork as well.

Eggshell or satin are the best paint finishes to use for a high traffic area like this, as they are durable and easy to clean, particularly eggshell.

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Use clever touches

Hallway decorating ideasMirrors are a great way to expand the sense of space in the hallway.  Large mirrors will make the hallway appear longer if they are hung at the end of the hallway, and wider when hung on the side walls.  Sets of mirror, arched ones and circular ones will all add character.

For a long hallway with tiles or a wooden floor, try an area rug to add warmth and depth.  If you have room, plants are always great to add in colour and texture.

Make your hallway functional with wall mounted organisation; hooks and shelves double up for storage and style.  Hooks don’t have to be for coats, if you have a closet elsewhere they can be stored in, then hang bags and hats on them.  Shelves are a great way to bring in personal objects that you want to display, keep a bowl for keys, and use as a photo ledge.

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Whatever you want to achieve, the experts are here to help.  Herts Decorators provide high quality and professional decorating services to our clients across Hertfordshire, book a free estimate with our team today!

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