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Grey paint tips

Grey paint tips

grey paint

Grey paint is very much on-trend for 2021, as it is one of the Pantone Colours of the Year.  Their ‘Ultimate Gray’ is paired with ‘Illuminating’, a warm yellow.  They have been chosen as a combination to portray a message of solidarity, resilience and hope for future with a feeling of energy and clarity.

All the firms who have made colour predictions for 2021, like Dulux and Sherwin-Williams, have grey and grey based colours ranking high on their lists for the new year.

With so many shades of grey paint available on the market, here is our guide to choosing the right one for your home.

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Interior grey paint

Grey paint is a the ultimate neutral, so can be used anywhere in the house, and looks striking in combination with many other colours.  2021 will see grey used more as an accent paint colour than on all four walls.

How do I choose the right grey paint?

There are so many shades of grey to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. Concentrate on the undertones of the paint as they make all the difference.

Testing is essential as these undertones can appear once the paint is on the walls and light will bring them out too.  If you have a darker room (whether that be from furniture or less natural light), grey will take on a warmer tone.  Artificial light and wood furniture can bring out any green undertones and change the look completely.  Red undertones give a snug, homely feel.

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Pick up some testers to use on a section of wall and try a variety of shades, or tape the colours to the wall.  This gives you a much better idea of how the finished wall will look.

Choosing grey paintIf your existing interior decor is mostly cool, match the undertones of the paint to it, and vice versa. For rooms like the living room and bedroom, a grey with undertones that give a light, airy feel during the day and are warmer and cosy in the evening is perfect.  This is another reason to test the paint on the walls first, so you can observe how it changes over the day and evening.

Greige will also remain popular for the new year; the colour between grey and beige.  This warm colour is grey with hints of beige or brown, wonderful for a cosy, inviting feel.  The Dulux Colour of the Year for 2021 is ‘Brave Ground’, a warm neutral which perfectly reflects the trend for natural colours with its brown undertones.  It is a great choice if you want to avoid any cold colours.

Bear in mind these general rules when it comes to choosing your shade of grey paint;  smaller spaces are be opened up with lighter shades while a larger room gives you the freedom to go for bold, dark hues and create a cosy space.  Make sure you choose the right type of paint too, as flat, eggshell and satin are best for the living room while semi-gloss is more suited to bathrooms.

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What colours can I combine grey paint with?Grey paint combinations

Grey is such a versatile neutral that it is easy to combine with other colours and existing decor, making a stunning backdrop.  Again, it is important to consider the undertones.  Get to know your undertones and then you will be able to patch colours like an absolute pro.

Warmer greys are more suited to the warmer colours that are becoming increasingly popular like beiges, browns and dusty pinks.

White and grey combined have a wonderful freshness and sophistication, whether you are going for a contemporary or classic feel and always look great paired together in the kitchen.  For a cooler, modern look muted blues look fantastic with warmer greys.

From lime green to cobalt blue and yellow, there is a shade of grey to suit pretty much any colour combination.  As shown by Pantone’s pairing with yellow for their Colour of the Year 2021, grey paint is a fantastic choice when you want to have pops of colour in the home.

It really is all about the undertones of the grey paint so again, test the paint on the wall before you commit!

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Exterior grey paintExterior grey paint

If you are looking to paint the exterior of your house, grey is a popular choice of colour for its elegant and sophisticated look.

Consider the surroundings to your house when choosing the shade, as the light will make a difference to the finished look.  Test the paint on both north and south sides of the house so you can see how it appears in different lighting conditions.

If you just want grey as an accent colour on the exterior of your home, it looks great on doors, window frames and other trim.

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If you are doing the painting yourself, invest in some good quality paint brushes too, for the best finish.

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