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Grey paint for the bedroom

Grey paint for the bedroom

Grey paint has become one of the most favoured choices for interior design.  Pantone chose their Ultimate Gray as one of their two colours of 2021 and its popularity is not waning.  This stylish neutral can look great anywhere in the home, and is ideal for the bedroom as it is naturally calming.

Will it look too cold?

It would make sense that grey, as a cool colour, would be too cold and stark to have in a bedroom.  However, many Grey paint for the bedroomgreys are a mix of cool and warm colours so it’s just about getting the right shade.

Cool greys have blue undertones, whereas warm greys have taupe, yellow, beige and brown undertones.  This makes all the difference to how they look and feel in a room.   See left for a variety of warm greys.

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A stylish warm grey is perfect for the bedroom, combined with a crisp white paint trim on the skirting boards.  It gives the bedroom a fresh and peaceful feel, with more personality than plain white walls.

Grey paint for the bedroomIt’s always best to get a sample of the colour that you like and try it on all four walls on the bedroom.  Try at least one other as well so you can compare them.  This way you can see how they respond to the different light at all times of the day.  The shades will look different in a south facing room that gets more warm light, to a north facing room which has more cool, bright light.

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Can I use different shades?

Absolutely!  A lighter warm grey with a darker grey accent wall is a chic Grey paint for the bedroomlook that’s popular in interior design.

There are also combination colours like greige to consider. Do bear in mind that these do not have the same exact look as basic grey on the walls, they may well have a much more beige appearance.

You can also use a variety of grey shades within the bedroom as a whole.  Layers of greys will give you a sophisticated, streamlined look.  Try painting soft shades on the walls combined with more dramatic hues for the soft furnishings, bedboard and furniture, or vice versa.

Alternatively, just paint an accent wall (this can be a wall or the ceiling) grey to see how you feel living with it.  Don’t be afraid to go dark with grey as it actually adds depth to a room.

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What does grey go with?

Grey is a really easy neutral to use as it complements so many colours, it is a versatile backdrop.  If you want a pop of vibrant colour, dusty pink is a great combination withGrey paint for the bedroom a warm light grey.  It works with pinks and reds as they are opposite on the colour wheel.

Creamy white always looks crisp combined with grey and works for the ceiling and trims as well as bed linen and furniture for a modern look.  Rose gold is another colour which works beautifully with grey, especially with a dusty warm shade for a cosy feeling in the bedroom.

This versatile choice works with light and dark wood flooring and always looks stunning with a grey carpet that’s a few shades lighter or darker than the walls.

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