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Get ready for the 2022 colours

Get ready for the 2022 colours

As we move towards the end of the year, get ready for the 2022 colours!

What are the new colours?

The 2022 colours are mainly inspired by nature, continuing from the on-trend colours of 2021, which were focused on creating calm and peaceful interiors.  They are a mixture of comforting and fresh, as the world looks towards a new beginning after last the two years.  Various paint, wallpaper and design companies have already announced their chosen colours and predictions.


Dulux have Get ready for the 2022 coloursannounced Bright Skies as their Colour of the Year (see left for picture), a fresh light blue.  It represents a new start in 2022 and a sense of freedom, with a colour reminiscent of open skies and fresh air.

They have created their Workshop colours around this, to give four easy to use colour palettes to complement Bright Skies.   These palettes include a variety of vibrant and soft pinks, golds, beiges and browns.

These colours are great for injecting a sense of fun into a playroom, colour into a home office, highlighting features like alcoves and accent walls.  It also works really well for creating (or ‘zoning’) areas in an open plan living space.

Bright Skies can be used to make a smaller bedroom appear larger, as it is what Dulux call a ‘receding colour’.  This means it looks further away from us, so the room seems bigger.

This versatile neutral is perfect to paint the ceiling with as well. It gives the room an airy, open feel, as if you are up looking up at the sky.

See original image here…


Sherwin-Williams, a well known American paint company which is another colour guru,Get ready for the 2022 colours have named Evergreen  Fog  (see right for picture) as their 2022 Color of the Year.  It symbolizes ‘growth, rebirth and joy’.

It is a warmer neutral, inspired by organic living and design trends from around the world.  This understated, warm green-grey has a colour palette which includes an off-white, bronze, beige and gold to complement it.  Perfect for a sense of Japandi design in the home, it has a natural and tranquil look.

This is an easy colour to use on the walls, especially with a modern interior, as it is subtle but stunning.  An idea choice for long hallways and kitchens, it is a versatile colour that also looks great on cabinets and front doors.

Greens and greys will continue to be popular in interior design.  Another paint company, PPG, has chosen a similar soft grey-green colour, Olive Sprig, as their 2022 colour, inspired by the resilience of nature.  This is also accompanied by a colour palette with earthy, cosy and fresh tones.

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Predictions for 2022

Get ready for the 2022 coloursFarrow & Ball have made their predictions; a bold yellow, a soft off-white, a warm green, a classic blue and a strong crimson. (see picture to the left).

The shades are named Babouche, School House White, Breakfast Room Green, Stone Blue, and Incarnadine.

They are modern versions of classic primary colours, with a sense of nostalgia and comfort.  Brighter than last years, they highlight a return to normality with a joyful bursts of colour.

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Pantone have not yet announced their colour/s for 2022, but they have made fashion colour predictions. Get ready for the 2022 colours

They have picked ten ‘stand out’ colours and five ‘core classics’.  Vibrant brights, earthy neutrals and soft pastels are all included, reflecting a search for familiarity and adventure at the same time.

See original image here…

The general trends in colours for 2022 are bright, fresh and symbolic of new beginnings.

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