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Decorating with paint

Decorating with paint

Paint is one of the greatest materials we have for decorating.  Whether you are painting the outside of your house or the inside, it can completely transform the look of it.  Here are some of the many things you can do with paint.

Painting your house exterior

When it comes to giving your house a new lease of life, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior can go a long way.  Make Decorating with paintsure you are choosing the right paint, as it needs to be able to stand up to the weather extremes.  Oil-based exterior paints are durable and water resistant (if your house was painted with oil-based, you need to stick to this type as latex will simply peel off).  Latex is easier to use and some types are just as durable now.

If you are going to attempt the painting yourself, make sure you have the right equipment and enough time as it is a lengthy and demanding job.  Choose a mild, dry day as paint does not adhere properly in the rain, and could blister on a hot day.

As always, preparation is key so set aside time to sand and fix as necessary.  You can always get the experts in to do it for you if you want to guarantee a great finish and save yourself the time and effort.

The front door will need a special exterior paint as well.  One of the best choices is a semi-gloss as it has a visible shine, is easier to clean and scuff resistant.  Matte has a very modern look, but does tend to show up any dents and scratches.  Paneled doors are trickier to paint, so make sure you know the order in which to paint the panels, or alternatively use a paint sprayer (you will need to remove the door for this as it’s a messy job).

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Painting the interior

Whether you want to express yourself with bold colours, update your rooms with on-trend shades or create a calming space with gorgeous neutrals, you can always find the perfect paint.  Just make sure you are choosing the right type for each room and bear in mind the colour families (make it easy by using an online colour wheel)

Decorating with paintPaint is always popular on the walls, and for accent walls.  Most people also choose to paint their ceilings, and you can always turn it into a feature by using a bold colour.  You can also create amazing effects with paint, from murals to stripes to ombre (this means one colour softly transitioning into another) walls.

Panelling looks great painted, and using two different shades really highlights it, or using one panel with an accent shade to create a focal point.  A great way to do this is around a mirror or artwork, to give the impression of an architectural feature.

This list of things that can benefit from a coat of paint in the home is almost endless; trims, window and door frames, cabinets, doors, drawers and furniture. You can even create the look of a headboard on the bedroom wall with paint.  It’s an easy way to update your shelving as well, painting a shelf the same colour as the wall behind looks stunning and you can create an ombre effect by using the same colour family.

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Using up that leftover paint

Decorating with paintIt seems that there is always paint leftover from decorating but it doesn’t need to sit gathering dust in the shed or garage.  There are so many creative ideas for using up paint, whether it is a bold colour or calming neutral.

Using the leftovers for accessories around the house will enhance your chosen colour scheme and make your home even more unique.  Anything from chairs or dressers or even flower pots can be painted.  Painting a canvas in a block colour is a really effective way to make your own accessory.

The fireplace is a great choice for a pop of colour if you have neutral walls, and if you’re storing wood logs in it, why not paint the end of them too.  The great thing about using pops of colour around the home like this is that it’s easy to change up when you want to.

If you need some ideas, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration when it comes to being creative around the house with paint.

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