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Can I do the plastering myself?

Can I do the plastering myself?

If  you’re wondering whether to tackle a plastering job yourself, here are some things to think about before you decide.

Is it easy to do the plastering myself?

In a word, no.  Like all bigger decorating jobs, you will need a lot of equipment, from the proper sized ladders to a power drill, hawk board, plastering trowel and a much bigger bucket than you are likely to have.   To mix the plaster well, you should also invest in a paddle mixer.

Can I do the plastering myself?It’s not a quick job, you’ll need to set aside a decent amount of time.  As soon as you mix it, plaster starts drying and quickly becomes useless, so you can’t do a bit of plastering here and there.

Bear in mind it is a really physical task as well, you will be lifting heavy tools and plaster.  You need to be in decent shape or you’ll find you can barely move your arms halfway through.  If there is old plaster to be removed before you start, this just adds to the time it will take and how exhausting it will be.

It is of course possible and if you have the time and strength, go for it!  You may want to just tackle small areas or repairs yourself though, and hire someone for the rest.  Just make sure you know exactly what you need and the steps involved before you get started.

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Things to think about

If you do decide to go ahead and do the plastering yourself, make sure you’ve read up on it and watched some videos on YouTube.  Preparation of the room is key as always; it is best to roll up any carpet before you begin, so it doesn’t get damaged.  Skirting boards, fixtures and radiators will need to be removed.  Then make sure you have covered everything with dust sheets so you don’t end up having to scrape plaster off your furniture.

Once you’ve started, plaster dries quickly so you need to have all the information before you begin. You need to know how to mix the plaster and how much to mix at a time to avoid it drying up completely.

Two coats of plaster are needed to get a decent finish and it needs to bed distributed evenly across the walls, especially on the final coat.  Getting just the right amount of plaster is an art; too much and it can end up lumpy, too little and it will be too thin.  Then you’ll need to smooth all the plaster so it is flat enough to be painted over when dry.  Drying time is important as well, a common mistake is not leaving it long enough.

Remember that if you need to plaster the ceiling or high walls, you need to make sure you can do so safely.  Don’t end up balancing on a ladder carrying heavy plaster, it won’t do you or the walls any good.

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Reasons to get the experts in

To save yourself the time and effort, call the experts in.  They will take care of all the prep, mess and drying time, ensuring a high quality end result.  Doing it yourself can result in costly mistakes and it may well be that the time and effort just isn’t worth it.  Especially if you end up having to hire a professional to fix those mistakes and redo the job.

By the time you have purchased everything you need, it’s not an efficient cost saving.  It takes time and experience to get plastering right, so the odds are slim that you can get a great finish the first time.

Exterior plastering is definitely an area that calls for professional work.  Once scaffolding and weather are involved, be safe and hire someone to the work.

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To ensure you get the perfect finish in your home that will stand the test of time, get the experts in.  Herts Decorators provide high quality and professional decorating services to our clients across Hertfordshire, book a free estimate with our team today!

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